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Kids book club subscription

Kids book club subscription with years of experience selecting and sending leveled reading books to young readers, we take pride in carefully curating the best books from world-class publishers.

Each book is yours to keep forever, ensuring a lasting reading experience for your children. As your young reader progresses, you can update their reading preferences to tailor their book subscription to grow with them.

Kids who read just 20 minutes per day

Better Skills

Score in the 90th percentile on standardized tests

More well rounded

Read better, know more, write better, and have a wider vocabulary

Future Success

More successful in school and life and feel more self-confident.

Our kid’s book club subscription makes it easier for children to read for at least 20 minutes a day from home with convenient monthly delivery.

 best  leveled reading books
How IT Works
We personalize leveled reader book selections from toddlers to tweens and everyone in between.
Tell us about your reader
Our leveled reader book selection experts will curate three books per month just for them. We provide board books, leveled reading books, and chapter books by age, and grade. Get books with boy, girl, or combo themes.
Receive books tailored to your Child’s progress.
Let us know when it’s time for them to level up. Each book is yours to keep forever. Change reading level anytime. Enjoy your young reader’s progress.
Build a consistent reading practice at home that skyrockets confidence.
Our customer support team is available to assist you through live chat, ensuring a hassle-free experience. You can buy with confidence knowing that we offer free replacements for any duplicates.
board books for kids

Board Books For Babies

Helps infants, babies, and toddlers become lifelong readers while enjoying unforgettable bonding moments with loved ones. For pre-readers. It’s always early enough to introduce books. These books feature short, simple words and concepts. Large text size. These are very short sentences. Repetitive vocabulary. Vibrant full-color images.

Receive outstanding board books carefully curated from world-class publishers for your special baby. Build the essential home reading library with monthly deliveries.

Perfect to: Read Aloud

level 1 reading books

Level 1 Books

These level 1 reading books contain concise sentences, recurring vocabulary, and uncomplicated ideas to facilitate your child’s reading progress with some guidance.

These books are designed for children in pre-K to first grade. They contain short sentences, repetitive words, and straightforward concepts to assist your child in learning to read with a little guidance.

Perfect to: Read Along

level 2 reading book

Level 2 Books

These level 2 reading books contain concise sentences, recurring vocabulary, and uncomplicated ideas to facilitate your child’s reading progress with some guidance.

Perfect to: Read with help

Beginner Chapter Books

Level 3: Beginner Chapter Books

Early reader chapter books with thrilling themes that are ideal for 7 to 9-year-olds. Features short chapters with numerous pictures.

Perfect to: Read Along

chapter books

Level 4: Chapter Books For Tweens

Our selection of books is perfect for advanced tween readers. With short sentences and chapters, these books are designed to bridge the gap between full-chapter books and junior novels for tweens. We offer a combination of exciting chapter books, graphic novels, and non-fiction reads. Your tween reader will receive a surprise package with three new books from world-class publishers  Our personalized boxes are tailored to boys, girls, or both. Features a mix of exciting chapter books and non-fiction reads. 

Perfect to: Independent readers

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Help your young reader discover the joy of learning
Our extensive collection of level based phonics-based kids’ books designed to foster a love for reading in your children. Our services are perfect for homeschooling children or any parent who want to give their children an early start before or after school. Our kid’s book club subscription provides a convenient service to build a consistent reading practice with leveled reading books that grow with your child’s reading abilities.

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