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Join us in our mission to help kids read daily for 20 minutes a day, fun and accessible for all children. Explore our range of phonics-based kids’ books, leveled reader kids book subscription, leverage our homeschool resources, and gain valuable parenting tips.

About us

Kids Read Daily help families discover the joy of learning with our original collection of leveled reader kids books, designed to foster a love for reading in your children. Our resources are perfect for homeschool or parents who want to give their children an early start. Reading adventure begins with our Kids Book Club Subscription, provides leveled reading books delivered to homes every month that grow with your child’s reading abilities.

Join us in our mission to make kids reading for 20 minutes a day fun and accessible for all children. Explore our range of phonics-based kids’ books, leverage our homeschool resources, and gain valuable parenting tips. Together, we can ignite a passion for reading in children’s hearts everywhere.

Our Services

Kids Read Daily offers a full range of services: 5-star rated KRD original published books, Kids books subscription featuring books from world-class publishers. Educational toys, courses for parents, and digital pintables and learning resources for families educating children aged 0-12 years old.

Kids Book Club
Original Kids Books
Parenting Tips
Learning Resources
kids book club

Kids Subscription Box

Our kid’s book subscription is a kid’s book club that provides personalized book selections curated from world-class publishers by our literary experts. Personalized for your young reader by age, grade, and reading level, with optional gender themes. High-value, diverse assortment of kids reading books designed to excite, entertain and educate young readers delivered to your home each month. Change your child’s reading level as they improve to receive more challenging books over time.

We offer book clubs in the following reading levels: Pre-readers Level 0 (age 0-3), Level 1 (age 3-5), Level 2 (age 5-7), Level 3 (age 7-9) and Level 4 for tweens (age 9-12). Book club subscriptions Options: Board Books club, Leveled Reading books, beginner chapter book club, and chapter book club for tweens.

monthly book club
  • Monthly book club
  • Convenient home delivery
  • Personalized just for your child
  • Leveled Reading: change reading level anytime
leveled reading kids books

Kids Reading Books

The original kids reading books published under the Kids Read Daily imprint are stamped with our reading level badges by our literary experts.

Our reading levels include Pre-readers Level 0 (age 0-3), Level 1 (age 3-5), Level 2 (age 5-7), Level 3 (age 7-9) and Level 4 for tweens (age 9-12).

  • Leveled Reading
  • Beautifully Illustrated
  • Designed to entertain and educate
  • Large Text size

Parenting Tips & Hacks

Practical parenting tips and hacks to make parenting easier.

We understand that parenting is a journey filled with unique challenges and joys. That’s why we also offer engaging articles featuring practical parenting tips to help you navigate the world of early education and raising resilient brilliant children.


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From understanding your child’s learning style and your parenting style to creating a winning learning environment at home, our tips are designed to empower you as your child’s first teacher. Expert articles and videos subscribe to our newsletter so you never miss a parenting hack.


Class for parents

We pride ourselves in creating value-added digital learning masterclasses that can make life and parenting easier.

parenting styles
  • Teach your child to read in 20 minutes per day
  • Homeschooling Unleashed
  • The Parenting Blueprint
Learning resources for kids

Learning Resources

A key component of educating your child is having the right resources and building out your home library with books, printable worksheets, learning games, flashcards, and all the supplies your child will need on their learning journey from age 0 -12 years old.

  • Worksheets for kids
  • Printable coloring pages
  • Alphabet charts
  • Learning posters
  • Phonics games
  • Sight words flashcards
  • and more
Our Mission

The mission of KIDS READ DAILY is to make it easier for parents to improve their children’s literacy at home. Children who read for 20 minutes daily score in the 90th percentile on standardized tests. They also read better, know more, write better, and have a more expansive vocabulary. Additionally, they are more successful in school and life and feel more confident.

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