Read Aloud: 10 Benefits To Build a Special Bond Between With Your Child

What does read aloud mean

Reading aloud is the practice of reading kids books to children even before they can speak or fully understand language. There is even a world read aloud day that was started in 2010 celebrated every year in 173 countries on February 1st and promoted by non-profits and libraries worldwide.

The Problem: 1/3 of US children cannot read by the 3rd grade

Unfortunately, over one-third of American children start kindergarten without these skills, and almost two-thirds cannot read proficiently by the time they join third grade.

Studies show that read aloud is a blissful bonding time with added benefits

We all know that discovering to read is very important, however as moms and dads what can we do to facilitate this milestone? Reading aloud to your child is a basic and powerful action step we can take that has many benefits one of which is just having time to bonding time together. According to one study, when adults read to a toddler, it triggers thousands of brain cells in the child’s mind. The child’s brain cells are “turned on” by this experience, and newly formed connections become strengthened. It also promotes the formation of new brain cells, adding complexity and refinement to the intricate circuitry that will remain in place for their lives.

Developing a special bond with your child

Reading to a young child regularly can help you forge a stronger relationship with them. Reading to your kids allows you and your child to spend time and bond over something you have in common. It will also encourage them to feel loved, build trust in you, and get on the right track.

The benefits of reading aloud to your baby extend far beyond their understanding of it. Even when babies cannot understand, hearing soothing voices and familiar words is one of the most critical aspects of their lives.

With more word exposure early babies improve language skills

Early reading with your child provides a one-on-one opportunity for parent and child to communicate; it helps children learn new vocabulary, strengthened by hearing someone read aloud.

Studies show that increasing the number of words a child knows will improve language skills, leading to children reading more. Multiple studies suggest that children exposed to reading before preschool do better in school. The University of Michigan completed a survey that revealed the five essential early reading skills for development – Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Reading comprehension, and Fluency. Not only does it help them form a deeper understanding of the world and their place in it, but it also helps them with speaking and writing

10 benefits of reading aloud with your child

  1. Ingrain the importance of reading early
  2. Advance cognitive development using sound
  3. Reading has a soothing effect
  4. The benefits of a routine
  5. Reading feeds creativity and imagination
  6. Interactive read aloud fosters greater focus and listening ability
  7. Babies learn how to hold and turn book pages
  8. Increased concentration and discipline
  9. Boosts language skills
  10. Read aloud stories helps babies interact with the world around them

The earlier you plant the reading seed the better, it will bare a lifetime of fruit. When you read to your child, they will learn that reading is important to you, therefore reading will become crucial to them.

The more your child hears sounds, the better they will process sounds into words. When a kid is at the preschool/kindergarten age listening to words is key to their cognitive development.

Reading has a soothing result on an agitated infant. Its a simple way to relax a fussy baby. The sound of your voice and the rhythmic tone of your cadence as you read a story has a similar effect to music or signing to your baby.

Reading is a wonderful part of bedtime routine. Studies have actually revealed that a children do better with a comprehensive bedtime routine.

Reading will assist to develop your child’s creativity. Your child can feed their imagination while you are reading to them.

Reading aloud  will foster your child’s ability to listen and pay attention. With all the issues we here about concerning attention spans this is a terrific way to avoid that.

Reading Aloud will teach your child the right method to hold a book and turn the pages. One of the tell tale signs that your baby is ready to read with when they have figured out how to hold a book right side up and turn the pages on their own.

As children grow, they tend to have difficulty sitting still. Getting their attention and focus is hard, but introducing reading time into their schedule has proven effective in increasing discipline and concentration. Reading with your children will help their behavior in the long run. They might squirm initially, but eventually, they will sit still throughout the story and even look forward to it. They will miss the experience of you reading to them as they transition into independent readers.

Reading to kids daily can help with language acquisition, communication, and literacy skills. This is mainly because, during their earliest years, reading stimulates the part of their brain that allows them to understand language and builds critical literacy and social skills.

While they cannot read fluently or practice phonics at that stage, they will get an early introduction to phonemic awareness, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. This will help them as they grow and interact with the world around them.

A consistent read aloud routines helps babies to connect their lives

When you read aloud to your child, it provides them with context for what they see, hear, and read. Educators and researchers believe the text’s narration is irrelevant compared to the talk surrounding it. Introducing reading to your young child and the conversations it will prompt boosts their ability to connect their lives with what they read and helps them make sense of their own lives at an early age.

Far reaching rewards

The rewards of reading at home with your children from an early age are far-reaching. Case in point: a recent brain scan study found that reading was correlated with activation in regions connected to visual imagery and understanding language.

Final thoughts

Reading aloud to our children is like sowing seeds. With time and also patience, it grows into a love for reading, enriched vocabulary, and improved cognitive growth. So, fellow moms and dads, get a book and read aloud to our children today. It’s an tradition worth starting!

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